How To Get Expert-Level Discussions In A Large Audience

(Richard Millington) #1

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How do you have high-level, expert-quality, discussions with a large, open, audience?

You can’t. You have to choose.

Do you want expert-quality discussions or the large audience?

People don’t like to feel dumb (or like frauds).

Most people participate in discussions where they can add their experience. If they don’t have that experience, they usually won’t participate. They might ask a question or two, but they won’t participate for the long-term.

If you want to be the biggest, you might have to be the dumbest. Which is a crude way to say you might want to focus on the beginner-level…

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(Kathleen Ulrich) #2

Thank you, this is exactly the issue I am working on. This is something I have told my colleagues so often, but the lure of being a big presence on LinkedIn Is so strong! So they have presented me with a series of posts they will make on LinkedIn and I should be clicking my heels, but I looked at the content and went oh no. 1st post went up. Got 16 comments - 14 of them from the same guy, who is of course trying to challenge our expert. No one else is going to jump into this discussion.

It’s me against a very enthusiastic group. But your post has given me increased conviction to continue to add my 2 cents. I am suggesting beginner-level discussions on LinkedIn, a more sophisticated version cross-posted in member forums.