How to Engage Busy Professionals in Community


(Shannon Kenneally) #1

Hi everyone!

I manager an online community of 6100+ corporate tax professionals. Along with a forum, we have a salary calculator, job board and a mentor program - all of which is free. Right now I am having a hard time engaging our members who are at the Director and above level in their career.

Any ideas on how to engage this group?

Thank you!

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hi Shannon,
That group is one of the hardest to engage because they are so time poor. You need to find a way to solve a problem for them – one that they have in their day to day lives. What is your value proposition at the moment? Why would they spend time coming to engage on your platform?

(Shannon Kenneally) #3

To give you more context, we created an invite-only leadership education program for the top 1% of the tax world. Each month we host monthly webinars for them. We encourage them to use the forum to have discussions that they couldn’t necessarily have within their own organization and also to network with one another. The program is completely free and all we ask them in return is to engage with one another, which many have not done.

Most of the participants are current/past clients of our sister company, an executive search firm, so we have a solid relationship already with most of them.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Interesting. My point probably still stands though. Is it an assumption that they would want to engage with each other? Do many of them visit the webinars? And I guess an even bigger question – what value does your organisation get from the engagement? Why do you want them to do that?

(Shannon Kenneally) #5

We polled older tax leaders and asked what they wish they had when they were just starting out as a Director or VP Tax. Almost all of them said they wished they had some kind of leadership development program that was specific for tax and an external source of information.

On average, 80% are visiting the live webinars.

The more they engage, the more we stay top of mind for our paid services. We want to make sure that when they have a recruiting or retention need, we are the first ones they look to.