How to Determine Daily Active Users (DAU)

(Angelo Luciani) #1

Seems like a simple enough question, but I have always struggled with determining this. I always hear this or that social platform has ‘x’ number of DAU on the system, and trying to figure out how to determine that number for our community site.

Is this just new signups daily or does this mean of ‘x’ number of accounts that signed up ‘y’ have logged in and taken action? I currently report ‘new accounts’ registered for the month.

Is the DAU even a useful metric to report?

My community runs on the lithium platform and if others get that number for LSI - please let me know where to look.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

DAU is the number of people who visited (while logged in) on any one day.

Its value lies when it is divided by your MAU (monthly active users). DAU/MAU gives you a ‘stickiness’ metric. More info here.

@joecothrel may be able to help you with that.

(Angelo Luciani) #3

Thanks for sharing @HAWK

So if I have this right then when I go into my Lithium analytics (…and I know you don’t run lithium, but I am thinking out loud here), I view a single day, look at members and find how many members logged in that day. An example would be Oct 1 - I had 158 member entrances. Make sense to me.

(Sarah Hawk) #4