How to create B2B Community engagement

Hi everyone,

My name is Sanne and I am student from the Netherlands.
I am currently working on my thesis to graduate.
The subject of my research is: How to create engagement in a Business to Business community.

I wonder if any of you have experience with a Business to Business community and how you create and maintain engagement. Is it any different from a business-to-consumer community?

Thank you all in advance.


Hello and welcome, Sanne! I started out as a B2B community manager but I was also doing B2C. I think engagement really depends on the kind of community. But overall, I would say what’s different is the focus on customer success. At every point, the goal is to make the business successful, whether that means offering support, or helping with strategy.

I don’t think this is updated by perhaps @B2B_Communities can offer some help. Btw, do you think you could link your research work when you’re done with it? I think it might be interesting for the Experts community :slight_smile:


I manage a B2B Community. It’s definitely a different animal than a B2C Community.

Mostly it’s in the motivators for users to come, and what kind of expectation we have for retention. Users are never going to come hang out in a technical support forum during their workday just to see what’s happening or for fun, as they might for a community of interest. They’re usually coming because they have a technical issue or a business problem they’re trying to solve.

It also impacts the tone - friendly but professional - and urgency. Users coming to our forum need an answer so they can take care of the things their boss cares about ASAP.

For us, building engagement is a lot about reliability - users knowing that they can and will get a good answer quickly - and value. We try to make sure we’re providing content, resources, and conversations on the things that we get the most questions about in our other support channels.


Hi Sanne,
I hope I’m not too late to help with your thesis!
I’m currently an engagement specialist in a B2B Community. In addition to the prior posts, I’ve found that teaching members to engage early in their membership is helpful. Right when I have new members, I’m welcoming them and encouraging them to engage. I aim for them to create a post/follow content within the first 2 weeks they join. Even if it’s just an introduction, I feel this helps get them familiar with the Community. Hope this helps!