How to create an amateur video maker community for local news?

(Grégoire Even) #1


My name is Grégoire Even and i’ve launched a startup in Nantes in France. It’s Newzer, the firts agency for amateur video maker. I saw with a Facebook campain that people really like the concept of share video about their local life. But very few people subscribe to product vidéo concretly…

Do you have tips to test what’s going to make peoplemake vidéo (money ? content …? )


(Nick Emmett) #3

Hey @gregoire_even - and welcome to Feverbee.

I think what’s important as to how you shape what’s to come for your potential community is figuring out your Why. Whats compelled you to create a community in the first place? What will people get out of being a member? What will you get out of it? Why will members be compelled to keep returning and sharing and engaging?

Getting a good handle on this will help you figure out a plan of what you need to do, and who’s help you need, to get a solid community up and running.