How to calculate the benefits of community changes?

Hello Experts,

I am community enthusiast and sometimes I implement new features on my community, and after implementation I find it very difficult to explain that how much it benefited the community in terms of revenue/engagement improvements.

Thanks in advance

One way I have seen that helps is noting why you want to make the change, like the behaviour or goal you are hoping the change helps to achieve, and then tracking that behaviour how often it occurs or doesn’t occur before and after the change.

For instance, say I want to make a visual or UI change to the search bar, my goal would be to increase members searching for answers themselves and asking less repetitive questions.

To track or measure if the change went, I’ll want to note how often search is being used and how often repetitive questions are being asked before and after the change.

Now I am not saying changing the search bar and making it more prominent is a good solution to achieve the goals I mentioned, this is just an example that tries to give a very summarised guide that should get you thinking in the right direction.

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