How to be the angel everyone expects you to be

(Mark Baldwin) #1

I’m struggling to get back into posting on the forum, having one of my dips, so I though the best way to get involved again was to start a new thread. Yes, it’s a bit daft, but then that’s a decent reflection on me as a person.

Being a CM can bring a lot of responsibility and it’s sometimes hard to keep being an angel, as that’s what’s expected right? Never to lose your cool, always deal with every situation correctly, don’t leave questions unanswered and have complete objectivity at all times. It can be a strain and all too often it’s easy to let the halo slip and it starts to strangle you. So here’s my easy to remember acronym in order to keep the halo.

H stands for Honest. Always be honest about everything as lies will always be found out at some point and will come back to haunt you.
A stands for Approachable. Ask yourself, Am I approachable? Do people feel comfortable asking me questions? Is there anything I could work on to make myself more approachable, both in real life and online?
L stands for Loyal. We need to be loyal to the community we represent, so are we seen sticking up for them? and do we take legitimate concerns of the community to our employers and not try to sweep difficult issues under the carpet.
O stands for Open. Ties in with other aspects, but if we can be seen as dealing with issues in an open as possible manner then this paints us in an excellent light.

So in summary, being Honest, Approachable, Loyal and Open will mean we can keep our HALO and always look like a little angel.

(Dean Samways) #2

I really like this Mark. Your points reflect the approach I try to take with my community management work (with an emphasise on the work try - as you point out, they can be easier said than done sometimes).

One of my rules of thumb is to, first and foremost, listen. Understand the community - why it is, what it wants, concerns it may have and the things it wants to achieve. I think by listening and then acting on your new found knowledge of the community you immediately become extremely approachable because people will very quickly come to trust you when they see the impact your having on their beloved online space.

Looking forward to reading more from you.

P.S. Going back to basics like this also seems like the perfect way to get back into the forum, something I really need to commit some time to properly too :slight_smile:

(Mark Baldwin) #3

I’ve actually been thinking about how to get myself more engaged in this community a lot recently. Thanks to @HAWK and the recent activity on an old thread. The thing is, if you start a discussion, you are inherently interested in what other people have to say on the subject and more likely to keep commenting, especially as you get notifications when other people comment in the thread you’ve started.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Love this.
You should all do it. :wink:

And back on topic, I like the message here. When people ask me what I think the most important CM trait is, I always say transparency. That has become especially important for me in this particular role, because I’m publicly doing the job that you all do. There is nowhere to hide, so being transparent is pretty important.

Mark, do you think that the nature of your community makes it harder to be an angel? I imagine gamers can be pretty unforgiving.

(Mark Baldwin) #5

Actually yes, I think gamers are the most entitled bunch of people you could deal with. Very demanding and incredibly opinionated, which is probably why I can cope with it most of the time.