How to attract young creatives to our forums?

(Tricia Lawrence) #1

As our product portfolio expands to attract more and more Gen Z’s and millenials, we’d love to build initiatives into our community strategy to engage this audience in our support forums. It’s a challenge as this generation is used to instant gratification and visual cues, finding their answers on YouTube and Reddit. Would love to pick this community’s brains for help in “marketing” our forums to this generation?


(Jamie Langer) #2

You can send out views in similar forums to reach out to similar users
social media platforms are another way to do that


(Gillian Wu) #3

What forum platform are you using?


(Tricia Lawrence) #4

Currently Jive.


(Gillian Wu) #5

Why? Is it working for you? If your customers are using different platforms, why are you trying to direct them toward one that doesn’t appeal to them, or is missing features that excite them?

I use a Facebook group - I know Richard hates them, but I love it - because my customers are on Facebook all day every day. It integrates the community experience seamlessly into their online lives.

As a millennial creative on the cusp of Gen Z, I can tell you that the only BBS-style forum I frequent is hosted on Reddit.