How to attract young creatives to our forums?

As our product portfolio expands to attract more and more Gen Z’s and millenials, we’d love to build initiatives into our community strategy to engage this audience in our support forums. It’s a challenge as this generation is used to instant gratification and visual cues, finding their answers on YouTube and Reddit. Would love to pick this community’s brains for help in “marketing” our forums to this generation?

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You can send out views in similar forums to reach out to similar users
social media platforms are another way to do that

What forum platform are you using?

Currently Jive.

Why? Is it working for you? If your customers are using different platforms, why are you trying to direct them toward one that doesn’t appeal to them, or is missing features that excite them?

I use a Facebook group - I know Richard hates them, but I love it - because my customers are on Facebook all day every day. It integrates the community experience seamlessly into their online lives.

As a millennial creative on the cusp of Gen Z, I can tell you that the only BBS-style forum I frequent is hosted on Reddit.

I would probably echo some of the thoughts here.

Last year I was invited to work on a project that wanted to attract a younger audience and more minorities to their community. I looked around the room full of middle-aged white faces and said we probably need representation at this level. Anything else isn’t going to feel authentic.

I didn’t get the project :slight_smile:, but I stand by the point. I think if you want to attract young creatives to your forum you need young creatives represented in the structure of managing the community. I don’t think asking other community professionals will get you anywhere near the value of working with the audience you want to reach.

@gillianwu I agree with what you say. I think FB groups is a way to start a community. The danger, and i think it’s a huge danger, is FB will begin to reduce the reach of group messages until you’re only reaching a fraction of the people who originally joined the group. I think we’re seeing that beginning to happen this year already.

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Thanks for your replies. @gillianwu FB is not an option for us as support for our customers is most effective when one answer can be viewed by many thousands and the forum search engine allows for most questions to pop up the answers before typing it. Less resources. @richard_millington I agree and am looking forward to being able to nominate younger creatives to be part of our superuser program and manage the direction of our strategy for that audience.

Hi Tricia,

First of all, welcome to the community and congrats on your first post. It’s a big one, so I’m glad you jumped both feet in to the FeverBee Honeypot.

By young creatives, what do you mean?

  • like illustrators on DeviantArt?
  • like computer engineers and software developers on GitHub?
  • like makeup artists on YouTube?
  • like fashion and style influencers on Instagram?
  • like dance artists on Tiktok?
    There’s a big audience in young creatives, so helping us parse your audience might help. You might also try to reach out to the people who are already in your community where they hang.

Also, I went back to you OP, here are some random thoughts:

  • is there any way to launch a sub community or club within your software, targeted just to that segment? It could have it’s own young adult leaders, it’s own rules and vibes.
  • instead of trying to superficially make the support forum fit with the young creatives, maybe you could go to where they’re at? Otherwise It’s like hanging street art in a bank lobby and pretending that you have street cred when you have the same stuffed leather chairs, the same old banking manager, the same polished wood and same attitude.