How to allow customers to opt-in to Discourse digest emails?


(Alyssa Rios) #1

With Discourse, is there a way to allow users to opt-in to digest emails, rather than opting out? How can they do that?

(Richard Millington) #2

Copying in @HAWK

(Robert McIntosh) #3

In principle I believe the answer is yes -

when you go to your community admin settings, you can set the Default Email Digest Frequency to “Never” in that way no-one is opted in

Then you have to encourage each member individually to change their digest frequency in their Preferences to whatever suits them best

I’m not sure if anyone has created a plugin that allows you to bring this setting “forward” in some way so that you can send a message as part of your onboarding to allow them to change it during a conversation rather than simply directing them to their own preferences page

however, if you are wanting to go “fully opt-in” then this is possible

hope that helps

(Sarah Hawk) #4

What he says ^ :slight_smile:
Let me know if you need further info.

For future reference, for Discourse specific questions like this you can use our Meta forum.

(Alyssa Rios) #5

Thanks, this is helpful! :slight_smile:

(Alyssa Rios) #6

One more question:
How can a user opt-in for the digest emails? I am not seeing this setting for regular users (not admins).

Edit: Would activity summary be the same as digest emails?

(Robert McIntosh) #7

Yes, they are the same thing