How shall we structure the Student Homeroom?

(Nick Emmett) #21

Fair comment @HAWK , it is a funny one. With so much discussion in other areas of the forums it’s likely the topics are already being covered in one form or another. My parade is totally un-rainable so don’t worry. I think you’re right in that this works fine at the minute for the low (zero) levels of related discussion.
The only restriction in the current format is that, to start a fresh topic, I have to do so within the confines of an existing thread. As an example, I want to ask how everyone currently doing the course(s) are finding it, but it’s quite a handbrake turn of discussion topic from what we’ve had so far. Whereas if it was a category, I could just start a new topic about it.

(Sarah Hawk) #22

That’s true, and doesn’t make much sense. Let me have a chat with the team about a category and see what the consensus is. I’ll come back to you.

(Sarah Hawk) #23

Brainwave! A sub-category. Coming right up.

(Sarah Hawk) #24

Here you go:

(Sarah Hawk) #25

(Nick Emmett) #26

Looks like it will be good, however - when I click the link it says the page either doesn’t exist or is private :cry:

(Sarah Hawk) #27

That’s strange. It should just take you to the sub category.
Can you navigate to it via the Say hi post?

(Nick Emmett) #28

Yeah that’s what I thought, but yes, I’ can get in to the posts there. Cheers @HAWK a good solution for the training I think. I’ll be posting in the Group Discussion topic a bit later this morning. :smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #29

Seems to be working ok today. Just a temporary glitch in the matrix.