How shall we structure the Student Homeroom?

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Discussion about the best way to manage training topics here at Experts.

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Hi @HAWK and @richard_millington , I may be going crazy but, I’m working my way through the “How to Start an Online Community” modules and have just got to the ROI Cheatsheet page and the Developing Concepts Summary PDF page, and don’t see either document available to download! Just thought I should let you know!

By the way I love the way @catykobe lined up the Goal > Strategy > Objective > Tactic model, I’ll definitely be using this. It very much reminded me of the framework used in Instructional Design, starting with the end in mind and working your way backwards with regards how to get there. Cathy Moore is a master at this. I’d never thought of the connection before!


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got it now, but had to switch to FireFox! Weird

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That is very weird. What were you using initially?

[quote=“Nick_Emmett, post:3, topic:1113”]
By the way I love the way @catykobe lined up the Goal > Strategy > Objective > Tactic model
[/quote] I did a fun workshop at Swarm that Caty took around this.

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I was using Chrome in the first instance! I’ve downloaded the files in Chrome before so maybe just a glitch in the matrix! :sunglasses:

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I’m moving this topic to the public forums as not all course participants are subscription members.

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Ok, I need some input here please, learners. Recently I moved the discussion from Disqus commenting on our learning platform to here. I didn’t do a great job of transitioning/communicating the change and I’m giving it some more thought now.

In the advanced courses there are a number of group discussions. Here is an example. Currently, clicking on that link takes you straight through to this thread, which has very little context. It would be ideal to have one thread for each discussion/topic, but that will likely result in a whole lot of empty threads.

I’m not sure of the best option and I’d be keen to get some feedback from those of you that are currently doing the courses.

Ping @Nick_Emmett @irreverance @rcpavlicek

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@HAWK, would it be possible to have that link on each page, with instructions to identify the course and section when bringing up questions or comments? Or is there a reason to have “Group Discussion” pages listed separately?

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Thanks for your feedback, Bo.

[quote=“irreverance, post:9, topic:1113”]
Or is there a reason to have “Group Discussion” pages listed separately?
[/quote] To be honest, I don’t know. I wasn’t part of the course design. Perhaps @richard_millington can answer that one.

[quote=“irreverance, post:9, topic:1113”]
would it be possible to have that link on each page, with instructions to identify the course and section when bringing up questions or comments?
[/quote] I’m not sure I understand what you mean here. Can you elaborate?

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Take this page for example (is it okay to link that here?). Is it possible to place under (or above?) the video something like…

“Please participate in the group discussion here! Please note the course you’re taking and the lesson your on, just so everyone has some context.”

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Oh! Got it.
That makes a lot of sense. :smile:

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Apologies for jumping in late.
I think for the On-demand course linking, as @irreverance suggests a link beneath the video, or at the end of the intro/heading text, would work well. Just being clear to people to point out which course/module they’re commenting about.

In an ideal world then you’re right @HAWK , a discussion group for each course, or module or however granular you want to get would work, but for an online course I think it’s safe to be fairly general. Perhaps a high level group for each of the three different courses would work?

How do you handle this for the more in-depth “classroom” course that you guys run? This would be a good opportunity to have a closed group for each intake/class, for them to discuss concepts before, during and after their particular session, which is a way I’ve done in the past for classroom type learning.

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For reference @HAWK @richard_millington I’ve just come across a dead link - it’s the link to Allison Leahy 's podcast from the Starting Your Community section in the How To Start An Online Community course. Cheers

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Thanks, I’ll sort it out asap. Let me know if you spot any others.

I’ll have to dig into the course further to sort out the in-lesson linking. It’s on my list. Thanks for working with me on this.

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Just finished the How to Start an Online Community course. Really good. Some really great insights and topics covered. Obviously not going to give the game away but definitely a must. Right… on to the next one - Successful Community Management. This is more where I’m at I would say right now so looking forward to seeing what’s covered.

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Hello @Nick_Emmett and @irreverance! I’ve just gone through the courseware and done as you have suggested. For each page that prompts a student to comment and links them back here, I have reminded them to state which module and lesson they happen to be on.

While on this path, I have also cleaned up a few of the links to podcasts.

As for setting up dedicated discussion groups for each module, I’ll leave it to @HAWK to figure out the best way to provision that. If she sets 'em up, I’ll be pleased to update the links for each course!

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Wonderful! Thank you, @Todd_Nilson.

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Thanks @Todd_Nilson

@HAWK , just thinking about the dedicated discussion groups thing again - how about creating a new Category for the Training? Options could be:

  • 1 category for all training related topics (e.g. “FeverBee Student Homeroom”)
  • 1 category for each of the 3 on demand courses = 3 categories (e.g. “Training: How to Grow an Online Community”)

Just some thinking aloud!

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I’m a bit torn here. Given that this entire topic has no posts in it that actually relate to the training subjects, I’m hesitant to build empty structure around it. Having said that, I don’t want to rain on your parade!

If this picks up momentum in any way then I’d be very happy to do so.