How much of our own content should I share?

(Nick Lawson) #1

Hey Sarah hope you’re well. I didn’t know whether this was appropriate for a public post, but i’d be really interested in learning more about your strategy for posting Feverbee content on this forum.

I’ve seen it done a few times by feverbee team members, and whilst i personally feel it’s always of interest to myself and the community, where do you draw the line for using the forum as a place to promote your own content?

If a non feverbee member started posting a lot of content to their own blog on community management would this be appropriate or seen as self promotional?

For context, we have a blog where we produce a lot of content each week (maybe 8 pieces) essentially around how to run better events, but so far i’ve always erred on the side of caution and not posted much to the forum as I didn’t want to seem like we were plugging Eventbrite stuff. Am i being too cautious? I genuinely think a lot of the content we right would be of real interest to the community.

I suppose a big difference is that this forum is branded under the Feverbee name, whereas we took ours away from our brand with the “EventTribe” name.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hey Nick,
Great to hear from you.

If you want to post this publicly to get wider input, I have no problem with that, but I do really appreciate you checking in on it.

Are you referring to content like this? If so, that is actually how our Discourse/WordPress integration works. If you check out that article on our blog and scroll to the bottom you’ll see the comments are pulled straight from Discourse (and ugh – I need to work on the styling of those!).

TL;DR Rather than actively choosing to promote our content in the community, all posts are automatically published in excerpt form so there is a place for commenting.

This is an interesting one. Rich and I talk about it every now and then because he feels very conscious of the fact that we share all his content and not that of others. I’ve tried to actively encourage people to share their writing but it just doesn’t seem to take off. I think as CMs we’re so nervous about self-promoting that it feels wrong. My view is that if people have content that is relevant and useful, it should be shared. Provided they are also engaging on other levels and not just linking out, I think that’s find (and I encourage it).

We’re about to do a bit of a redesign here which will involve space for sharing links. That will likely help.

So less about me and more about you. [quote=“nick_lawson, post:5, topic:5571”]
Am i being too cautious?

Probably – yes. If the content has value then I’d share it. I’d probably share a few and then check in with your members to see how they feel about it. Is it useful to them or do they feel like they’re being promoted to.

If you’re comfortable with it, I could move this discussion into the public forum to see how others handle this kind of thing. Let me know.

(Nick Lawson) #3

Hi Sarah, i’d be happy for you to move this discussion into the public, as you say it would be v interesting to hear wider opinion on this.

Yep that’s the kind of content i’m referring to. OK i’m glad you’ve backed up my thinking that i’m being too cautious! Our blog content is certainly useful and relevant, and 95% of it never even mentions Eventbrite. I’ll also actively encourage people to post their own (non promotional) content to allay my fears too! I’ve was looking at the plugin for WP a few weeks ago - can you select which posts get published to the forum or does it have to be everything?


(Sarah Hawk) #4

Note: I’ve moved this from private to public.

Who else shares their own content in the community? Do you have a policy around how much is appropriate?

(Piper_Wilson) #5

To clarify, are y’all talking about sharing your own content within one’s own community, or sharing content from a different community here on Feverbee?

(Sarah Hawk) #6

We’re talking about sharing your own content in your own community, as we do here.

(Richard Millington) #7

This is an interesting question @nick_lawson.

Can you provide more context on your situation, your community, and your goals here? I think that would help provide a good answer.

At the moment we have almost every blog post I write being shared here. I’m a little on the fence about the value of it and the obvious hypocrisy of us sharing our content but being a little hesitant for everyone to share their own blog posts here (we don’t want to become LinkedIn).

We asked the community a while back and they seemed to want it this way. But it’s definitely an issue up for review.

I think it also depends on the level of activity on the content. If my blog is making up more than 25% of discussions, I’d probably scale it back here for sure. You don’t want only your blog posts to fill the site.

(Courtney Howell) #8

With the Higher Logic platform (which my community uses), they have “Libraries” where people can upload links, PDFs, images, Word docs, spreadsheets, etc. When users upload something in a discussion thread, it goes to the Library. Or they can upload an item directly to the Library without posting anything about it in the threads.

When we share our content in the Library, not the discussion threads, those items usually get good hits, but there’s no discussion or discourse around them. When we share our content as a discussion, being sure to include more than just the link, nobody responds. Whereas most posts get at least 2 to 3 responses, those get nil. Part of that may be that our members aren’t really used to seeing us participate in the forum, so it could come across as more market-y than in other communities.

I’m always down for trying stuff. So like both @HAWK & @richard_millington suggested, it wouldn’t hurt to try it out for a month or two and then get some feedback from members to see if they’re hating it, loving it, or feeling ambivalent toward it.