How much do companies spend on an average every month to keep a vendor platform?

Hello All,

I am relatively new to this community and would like to understand the average cost involved in managing an ‘out of the box’ community platform sourced through a vendor.


So this is a really hard question to answer without asking for a lot more information.

Almost all vendors offer the community as a service now. Some do it by traffic/API calls alone, others used fixed membership rates, and a few such as Salesforce look at the number of logins etc…So without number the quantity of traffic it’s hard to say how much people spend. I’ve seen anything from $200 per month to $200k per month.

Have you tried going to and looking at the basic rates there?

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There are LOT of variables, some of which can make a huge difference to cost.

Are you self-hosted / on your own premise OR cloud / saas?

Do you want to bundle community management and moderation with the platform? (Not all, but many top vendors include this as a service)

How many active users do you plan to have at launch, in six months, and in one year?

Do you need any custom programming or special API that need to be developed?

I think the better approach is to first define your organizations requirements, and then shop it around.

For Discourse you can go from $100/month and up (see pricing) to have them manage it. I provide hosting for as little as $20/month but charge $500/month for corporate clients with custom plugins and a staging site.

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