How Many Members Do You Need To Build A Million Dollar Online Community?

(Richard Millington) #1

Most of us believe we need thousands, maybe millions, of members to have a really valuable community.

Even those that don’t dream of making their community bigger and having more active members.

This is usually because we believe three things:

More members makes the community better.
Getting more members is a good use of time/resources.
Getting more members improves the value of the community.
There is a grain of truth here. If you’re just getting your community started, you definitely want to grow quickly to reach critical mass.

But once you’ve reached critical mass, adding more members doesn’t help you build a million dollar community. What does help is getting the best out of the members you do have.

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(Jolanda Timmerman) #2

thanks for this valuable information. We allways think bigger = better but is it the quality of the contributions that count

(Caroline Sekar) #3

Hi! This may be a very newbie question, and apologies for that - but, for the purposes of this article, how do you define “active member”?