How has COVID impacted your Community?

So, it’s been a minute since i posted here but I’ve missed this place!

The whole Covid pandemic has been a game changer in many of our lives - I wonder how it’s affected your communities? Did your community exist pre-pandemic? If it did, how has it changed, if indeed it has? Is it busier, quieter? If it didn’t exist pre-pandemic, what made it become a thing at your organisation?

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Hi Nick_Emmett,
I manage a community where the members are considered a high-risk group. When the lockdown measures started, we did see a decrease in the level of posts/comments. In the beginning, we didn’t understand the reason for that because we thought that such a vulnerable group would like to share their concerns about the pandemic with the rest of the community. It turns out that lockdown meant fewer hospital appointments, fewer new diagnostics, fewer breakouts, better symptom management, etc. People had less questions about their health in general.

Once the restriction’s measures were lifted up and the protocols for specific diseases or the vaccination plans have been made public, we started seeing more activity.

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That is interesting @macat - do you provide other content or is it mainly the forums/discussions?
It does sound to me like they are people that would find comfort in the support you get from a community but like you say, perhaps with everything the way it has been it’s negated the need for support a little in their group?

What sort of content do they normally post, is it Q&A things or is it sharing tips, updating on their status etc?

Our communities are disease-specific and are forums for peer-to-peer support but are also communication channels for advocacy organisations.
Our members post questions about their health. The types of questions can be very vast:

  • questions about a recent diagnosis
  • questions about a new symptom
  • questions about the management of the disease
  • questions about treatments (side effects, costs, etc)
  • questions about doctors / experts

But they also share their story in more detail as a way to vent but also help others in the same situation.

We’ve identified that the fact that people had to stay at home (a low-risk and familiar environment) for a long period of time meant fewer interactions with others, no school, no appointments, less outbreaks, etc., therefore their disease didn’t take up such a big space in their lives anymore and they didn’t have the same need as before to post questions to their community.

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Great topic @Nick_Emmett!

Our community is for eCommerce store owners, and we saw a massive spike in applications due to the explosion of eCommerce over the past year. Smaller store owners suddenly found themselves with 7-figures of revenues and all of the problems that come along with that.

We also saw tons of very active COVID-related topics like dealing with sick employees, PPP and EIDL loans, etc. There were definitely no shortage of topics and discussions, and I think it helped strengthen our community with so many shared experiences.

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Hello everyone,
This discusion is very interesting!
Our B2B community (private) has been launched 2 years before the Community to share product releases on our HR solutions and give members space to collaborate & co-construct.
During the 1st phase of the pandemic, we noticed a strong engagement (requests, issues, posts etc.) like if customers were looking for additionnal support and reassurance. We didn’t changed our speech but the way we’re communicated with them (proactive).
For few months now, the trend has been dicreasing due to the “new normal” we’ve been working on related to our industry expertise (HR, digital, future of work).
Hope it helps!
Alice P.