How FeverBee Helped Mayo Clinic Revive A Dying Community And Increase Participation By 300%+

(Richard Millington) #1

This post is going to explain how FeverBee’s Strategic Community Management course helped Colleen Young at the Mayo Clinic revive a dead community and increase participation by 5000+ active members. This is one of the most detailed guides we’ve created. It breaks down each step of the strategic process we cover in our course and hopefully equips you with some…

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(Rebecca Braglio) #2

love this - great work @colleenyoung!!!

(Colleen Young) #3

Thanks @richard_millington for this post. It’s quite exhilarating to see the work of the past 2 years captured this way. I know that great things are happening on Mayo Clinic Connect, but seeing an outsider’s analysis sure makes one proud.

If I had to name the single biggest takeaway from the strategic management course, I would say it was the whole segment about emotions. Getting a grip on that had a huge ripple benefit, not only for motivating members, but also to excite internal stakeholders and garner their participation in the community’s mission in meaningful ways. It also helped the moderating team unite around a single goal and understand how. I can safely say that I don’t make any decisions about the community without apply the emotion wheel to my actions.

(Richard Millington) #4

The gratitude is all from my side @colleenyoung, it was an honour to work with you and it’s been fantastic to see the results.

Thanks for helping put this case study together.