How do you score/weight engagement?

I’m curious to hear how others score/weight engagement within their sites! A few questions to start with:

  1. Do you have a system of scoring/weighting engagement activities in your Community? Why/why not?

  2. How would you score/weight actions? ex. Would commenting on a post earn more points than sharing something from the site?

  3. If you do score/weight engagement, what does it drive?
    -a gameification system?
    -email campaigns?
    -programs, etc?

Thoughts/resources on any of the questions would be great to hear!

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Hey Alexa,
We are a brand community in the travel space.
We add a score on engagement in two ways
a) General engagement (likes, participation in polls, contests etc)
b) Beneficial engagement (engagement that benefits the brand or fellow members significantly like having their questions answered by fellow members)

Next, we tried to add a value against the engagement by running a comparison of free v/s paid done on social. For example, if you were to reach 2000 people via paid media v/s the same number via organic media - that is the value for each type of engagement. We also tried a similar estimate for clicks, shares and UGC content

We then made this the base of our gamification score adding a value to the action. We have also considered the time / effort that goes into the activity while adding the gamification score. The score is then proportional to the rewards that members get from engaging

Would love to know all your views on this



Hi Jayashree,

This sounds like a nice process. It also aligns with some of the research I’ve been doing. I’ve read that there’s benefit to splitting engagement into those two group types. I’ve also seen it classified as “Interest Engagement” and “Influence Engagement”. It’s nice to hear you’re putting it in practice!

Did you create your scoring system with your gamification in mind? Or did this organically build off of it? Curious to hear!

Hey Alexa,

The gamification points are based on the type of engagement. The more time / effort / benefit the engagement has, the better the points. The points can then be redeemed when the member uses our services

Hope that helps