How do you describe what you do?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

I’ve come back from an inbound marketing conference where the majority of people were conversion optimisers or some other form of marketer. I spent a week answering the “So what do you do?” question with “I work for a consultancy that helps organisations to build online communities”. I’d get blank looks and questions about what an online community is. I found that surprising.

How do you explain what you do to people that haven’t heard of ‘online community’ as a term?

(Nick Emmett) #2

I tend to include phrases like “facilitating conversation online”, “connecting people to people and to information”, “building and maintaining relationships”. Depending on who I’m speaking to and what their background is I’ll try to relate to things that they might be familiar with such as forums, social networking, meet-ups etc.

I do feel like I get fewer blank stares than a couple of years ago now though.

(Angela Seeley) #3

Specifically in relation to marketing people, I find speaking in marketing funnel terms helps. I usually say something describing what I actually do like what @Nick_Emmett said, and then note that that contributes to either awareness & consideration and/or loyalty & advocacy depending on nature of the community. They get excited then and start asking about the mechanics…