How do I plan selecting and adjusting an open source platform?


We are a fast-moving startup, but I want to know how much time needs to be alocated for selecting and adjusting (making it up and running, front-end adjustments etc) an open-source platform? Yes it depends on the features etc but can you please give me some examples to put it in perspective for our team?

Asides the features as you’ve noted, it also depends on the customisation and changes you want to make. How quickly depends on that as well.

What you can do is split the selection and startup process into sections that speak to specific achievables or deliverables, and define timing for each.


  1. Selecting/picking the platform
  2. Installing/setting-up the platform
  3. Defining needed changes …

Then the timing for each can be estimated. Most of the open source platforms usually have an answer for this, for instance Discourse has this 3 part guide: Getting Started with Discourse - Part 1: Discourse Setup you can use.

If you’re still not sure, I’ll say reach out to the Discourse team, they are super helpful on things like this, cc: @HAWK


Great thank you❤️

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