How do I change my email?

(Shellianne Redding) #1

I realize this is probably the dumbest question to date, but I cannot figure out how to change my email on my profile! I see I can edit my picture and many other things, but I must be overlooking something! Feel free to tell me what I’m doing wrong; there is no ego here! :wink:

(Sarah Hawk) #2

It’s not you, it’s me. :wink:

Because we use SSO (single sign on) with WordPress, emails and usernames are controlled on that side of things, not this side.

If you want to either DM or email me ( the details of the change, I’ll do it for you.

(Shellianne Redding) #3

Whew…that is a relief…thought I was losing it! LOL!

I signed up using my generic “shellsscripts” email but have found this community so helpful that I want everything to go to my personal/direct “Shellianne” email so I get it on all my mobile devices - I don’t want to miss a word!

Thank you!

(Sarah Hawk) #4

No worries at all Shellianne, that’s done. And thanks for that feedback – you made my day. :smile:

(Luke Zimmer) #5

I’m having a similar situation with my email. Could I get help changing it?


(Richard Millington) #6

yes, just drop me a line and let me know how you want to change it to.