How can we manage our community across multiple platforms?

How can we manage our community across multiple platforms?

We have 3100 members. 25 Nations. One language. Three different platforms.

The math doesn’t look good. Our members miss meaningful engagement.

How do you manage across multiple platforms?

I’m not sure what you mean by “Three different platforms”:

  • Different platforms for the same purpose such as sales or social media? I assumed that this is what you mean because I inferred that your members might be fragmented across the platforms.
  • Different platforms for different purposes such as email versus CRM versus social media or whatever? It is a very common problem to have people engage on different platforms. So is this your issue?
  • Or some other scenario not covered above?

I remember your intro here so I looked to see if there was more info there. The member numbers are different so I assume this is a different scenario.

FWIW, if you search here for “multiple platforms” or something similar you should find some good ideas.

The platforms are FB group, WhatsApp and mailchimp. Facebook is the main group. Regional activity happens on WhatsApp in branches by location. And mailchimp facilitates large communication. Engagement is fractured across those platforms.

A limit is moving to a single platform. With that in mind, what would make the most sense for managing the community engagement?

Hey Paul!

I’ve spoken with some community professionals who believe that your digital community can easily span across multiple channels. CMX, for example, has a Facebook Group, a Slack Channel, and a Mighty Networks community for Pro members.

I’m no expert - still learning. But it seems like it depends a little on your resources, and where you believe your audience wants to spend most of their time.

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Update. The organization is in full response mode to the COVID-19 new normal. That renews calls for a single digital tool for community engagement.

Resources are limited. There are options available. I’d love to see us use Zoom and Discourse, Mighty Networks or Peepso.

Community is better together.