Holiday rituals

(Sarah Hawk) #1

I read a post on the Discourse Meta forum recently from a CM that was pretty dark about the Christmas theme that had been implemented on their community. While I personally think that would be hilarious, I’m not going to do it to you.

It got me thinking about holidays rituals and celebrations though. Who does something special to mark the end of the year in their community?

This is our first Xmas at FeverBee Experts. I’m thinking of Christmas carols that autoplay when you log in. :simple_wink:

(Darren Gough) #2

I used to post the clip of Dwight as Belsnickel. No idea if anyone from my community saw it as a tradition per say but it amused me anyways…


(Sarah Hawk) #3

That is suitably ridiculous!

(Sarah Hawk) #4

I just found this while looking for examples of MyBB forums. They have Christmas snow.