Holiday Prep

(Joel Rangelle) #1

It’s almost November which means the holidays are upon us!

What are you going to do to celebrate the holidays? Some ideas that I’ve brainstormed: A holiday message, personalized thank you cards for staff members, updating the logo and theme, a Top Posts of 2018. For each of those ideas, it’s meant to express an emotion: appreciation, acelebration, joy, or remembrance. What ideas do you have??

(Natasha Schön) #2

Hey Joel, Awesome that you’re already thinking about the holidays! I like some of your ideas a lot. We’ve done some ‘top posts’ of the year before and these worked out really well. We’ve also shared a fun website that turns your profile photo into a christmas-themed photo (!

That was a hit. We also just find it important to organize a Christmas event and get everybody together in person to celebrate.

And fun decorations, offline or online, are always great! We even created a Christmas Open Social (our platform) theme.