Hitting a major road block

(Christine Hamman) #1

Hello all,

I’m reaching out to get some support on a road block I’ve been faced with. I am building a new community based around online reviews (movies, products, and businesses). At this point, we are in beta stages and most of my time has been taken up with trying to get new members to try and test the beta site. During my initial research, I found that a lot of online review sites (other than Yelp) do not allow direct contact with users, such as TripAdvisor. Unfortunately, Yelp does not allow contact with members for promotional or commercial purposes. I have been having great luck with IMDB for movies, but we’d really like to focus on foodies and travelers.

What do you think my options are now, without paying for members, promotional pages, and twitter cards? Obviously we don’t want to pay people to use the site because we want honest and passionate reviewers, not people looking for incentives or status.

Please let me know your opinions!


(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hi Christine,

@Caravanistan manages a travel community and may have some insights as to how you could access people.

(Steven Hermans) #3

Oo, no idea really, I found getting people to review stuff pretty
difficult, especially for things like movies and hotels, there are already
so many options, and people default to Tripadvisor and IMDB, so will be
difficult to change that.

Steven Hermans