Hiring a Community Manager - Where to post job to get right candidates?

(Brittney Wilson) #1

I’m hiring a community manager!
The position focus is a bit more technical than most community manager, as we want someone with good web development skills.
I don’t necessarily need someone who has managed a community, but they need to have done similar work with relationship management, social media, content, and web development. However, the majority of candidates that have applied so far have either 1 or none of the skills we’ve listed in the job description.

2 Quesitons:

  1. Is this the norm? Is it just challenging to find someone who meets the skillset of a community manager/web developer?
  2. Where can I post this position to hopefully attract better-qualified candidates?

p.s. It’s in Nashville. Job Posting here, if you are interested yourself. :slight_smile: Feel free to share with anyone that might be a good fit.

(Jeremy Meiss (jerdog)) #2

Personally I would say it’s not the norm and that you might be looking for a unicorn. Doesn’t mean you can’t find it, but what type of web skills would you want them to have? What would they be doing with that skillset for a community manager role?

(Travis King) #3

While nothing’s impossible, going to agree with Jeremy here :grin: Most community managers will have a different skill set than a web developer. I started off as a web designer but that’s not a skill I use much any more in my community roles. Is it possible to split it into two roles rather than look for that unicorn? :grinning::unicorn:

(anf chansamooth) #4

Hi @thenerdynurse,

  1. I agree with Jeremy and Travis - typically folks who have the mind for development are not strong community managers. You’re looking for the exception rather than the rule. Having said that, you can hire for 1 skill and train for the other as you said. More important will be there values and mindset around customer service and creating a great user experience.

So perhaps you’re looking for someone who has both UX design (who understands and appreciates user-centric design) and development skills? Or someone who has been in hospitality and looking to transition to development path.

  1. Perhaps there are some US or state-based community manager and/or developer groups online? If the role can be done remotely, then there are some remote hiring websites available where you can post.

I’d also suggest you and other members of the team post the job ad on your personal social media profiles with a sentence or two on why they love working at your company.

It’s important to highlight the benefits of the job to potential candidates.

I had a look at your job ad and careers page on the site, and if I were a potential candidate they don’t really answer “what’s in it for me (the candidate)?”. What’s your company culture like? What’s it like to work there? What are the perks?

The words say “we value diversity” but there’s no photos or anything on the site to back that up. You’ve got some photos up on your Facebook page which you could pull onto your website to show that you (the company) mean what you say.

Hope this is helpful.

(Shreyas) #5

To add on to the above comments(which, by the way, are super useful), you could post the job here to get some more visibility: https://communitymanagerjobs.co
Just read this from the job description:

ability to interpret design requests as well as suggest new and engaging user experiences is an asset to this role.

Since the role is inclined towards UX, I would definitely recommend cross posting in other communities like UX Mastery. There might be people who are in the web dev or UI/UX space who want to get into tech community roles and this is probably a good way to find them. @HAWK can perhaps advise more on where you can find such people :slight_smile:

Good luck!

(Brittney Wilson) #6

We do frequently look for unicorns. So I can’t say I am surprised to hear this skillset would be a little special.

We’re using Higher Logic, so we need someone proficient in HTML, CSS (Bootstrap 3), and preferably knowing Javascript. This doesn’t have to be a super experienced developer. Likely a junior level would be sufficient.

They would also have other normal community management responsibilities. The web development work would take priority and the other responsibilities would wax and wane with that work.

The salary is fair. And as I’m sure you can imagine, it’s hard to get new community employees, so I’d hate to look a gift horse in the mouth and ask for 2. There is potential that this team will grow in the future, but for now, this person will need to be multi-talented.

(Brittney Wilson) #7

Hi @anferneec,

Thank you. This is very helpful.

I think you’re right. The role has evolved, but our internal business needs make it clear that the UX design and web development are the most critical at this point. In terms of remote work, we have a mixture of people that do this. However, this role would likely need to be based in Nashville. Remote work 2-3 days a week is entirely possible. In fact, it’s one of the great benefits of the job.

I’ve been hoping that someone who has managed a blog and dig their own web development would apply. This person really would have all the skills needed. I know many of these people, but they often work for themselves. I have done some sharing on my social profiles, and I have a pretty robust, so I would have thought the response would have been higher. I’ll increase the frequency and see if that helps.

I hadn’t considered that our career page may not be selling the company enough. That’s a real shame and I’m not sure what I can personally do to address it. However, I can tell you that I chose to work for the company because they make an impact. They have a presence in 70% of US hospitals and are the exclusive providers or some education and training programs. One of these programs actually trains all US pediatric nurses and providers to resuscitate babies. We also provide other types of professional development programs and tools. Our community is actually ones of the resources that facilitate this development. Our company is also very diverse with employees company from many backgrounds, races, religions, and schools of thought.

(Brittney Wilson) #8

@dun3buggi3 excellent! This is very helpful.

(Jeremy Meiss (jerdog)) #9

Great to see you’re thinking about all of those things! If I come across someone I will post them to your listing!

(Sarah Hawk) #10

It’s definitely not the norm, I’m afraid! I’m the only CM I’ve ever met that was a dev in a past life. They are very different skill sets.

(Lorraine Pocklington) #11

Well, those people will exist. I fit the profile 90% - but I am in the UK. I guess it does suggest that one option might be to cast the net wider and consider remote workers. That would give you a greater chance of hitting target maybe?

I realize it’s not for everyone, but my company is pretty much 100% remote and it works well for us.

(Travis King) #12

The good news is, while it’s not the norm, HTML, CSS and a touch of JavaScript may not be as difficult for a community manager to have on their belt. HTML and CSS are markup and styling languages, so you may have an easier time finding your unicorn :grin:

(Amy Kochert) #13

Hi all - we have a similar situation - Thanks for these suggestions–I am providing posts to our job descriptions in the event anyone would like to share.

Flexera Digital Community Manager
Flexera Digital Content Specialist

Feel free to share away! We are in the implementation stages now, using the Lithium platform. We will have a pretty complicated Salesforce integration, so we too, are looking for a unicorn, unique blend of strategy and administrative responsibilities. In addition, this position ideally, is based in the Chicago area.

(Brittney Wilson) #14

We haven’t made the hire yet, but we’ve found some pretty promising candidates. I’ve found far more people have the engagement/social skills than the web development skills. So I’ve started focusing on web developers who can do the engagement side and not someone equally great in both. Our need is really more focused on development at this point.