Hint: experts.feverbee.com/read – read topics (history)

(Graham Perrin) #1


/read is a hidden feature of Discourse. For logged in users.

I find it useful on mobile, with the Discourse application on Android.

(Nick Emmett) #2

But what does it do @graham_perrin? I’m intrigued.

(Graham Perrin) #3

Personal history (Read topics …, as the page is titled – I’ll edit the subject line here).

A list of topics that you have read, in reverse chronological order.

From my phone, a screenshot of the most recent part of my history:

Credit to Kane York for raising awareness of the feature:

The list of read topics can be:

  • more useful than repeatedly stepping back :arrow_backward: one step at a time
  • helpful in situations such the one outlined below