High Google Bounce Rates on some Posts


(Chris Detzel) #1

I have a few posts from wiki’s and general questions that are being looked at from people that are searching questions on Google, but have a high bounce rate. For example, I have one post, in a two week time period, that has an average time on page of 5 minutes, but has an 87% bounce rate. It seems like people are reading the post if they are staying on there for a long time. Any guidance or suggestions would be helpful.


(Priscilla McClay) #2

How about some links to related content? I’ve had some success with this on our information resources section. (ie “You might also be interested in…”) I haven’t tried it on forum posts, but there might be something tag-based you could do, or else just add something manually if it’s only a few posts.

(Joe Velez) #3

A high bounce rate is not bad in this instance. The good thing is that you KNOW this. (Or, not sure.)

Sometimes people are just looking for answers. And, don’t have time for anything else.

The point that they stayed that long reading the content on the page is a GOOD THING. Google knows this. You will not be penalized for this.

The only BOUNCE counted are the ones that send the users back to GOOGLE right away.

What I do is adjust Bounce Rate with Google Tag Manager to only count bounce if longer than 30 seconds. (You can increase it to whatever number you like.)

Do a search for ‘google tag manager adjust bounce rate’.


Embed links of related pages in your content to internal pages.

(Chris Detzel) #4

Thanks @Joe_Velez. I’ll take a look. Thank you for the insight

(Sarah Hawk) #5

This might also be a good candidate for an on-page exit survey.

(Chris Detzel) #6

i’m not sure what that means. Get rid of the content?

(tamara Parris) #7

It is where you ask one question when they click to leave the page.

For example; “Was this post helpful to answer your question?”

It would also be an opportunity to ask someone to join your community, during their exit.

(Sarah Hawk) #8

Exactly what Tamara says – you leave the content as is, but when someone signals their intent to leave the page (e.g. their mouse moves towards the x) you pop up a modal.

vwo.com offer this service in beta – I am sure there are many others around.