Here's our ESN community playbook - Care to share yours?

(JeffKRoss) #1

In 2015 we finally got around to creating the first community playbook for our internal network of about 45,000 employees. After much deliberation, we decided to use @richard_millington’s Buzzing Communities book as the framework for it. While we know there are improvements to be made in what we did and in periodic updates due to it being a living document, it was at least a starting point for us to document the leadership of the community in a way we hadn’t before.

If you’d like to see it, I blogged about it and posted a link to it on LinkedIn. Of course, we had to remove some sensitive, proprietary info, but we kept the vast majority of it in the public version because we’d love to help others who are starting to go down the playbook path as well as get feedback on how to improve ours.

I welcome your feedback, plus I’d love to see any other internal or external community playbooks any of you feel free to share.

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(Gear Buzz) #2

What is a “playbook”?

(JeffKRoss) #3

Different businesses may put different things in playbooks, but we’re approaching it as a key document where we put our guidelines, processes, goals, plans, reports, governance, etc. for a community. We want it to be thorough enough that an incoming comunity manager can pick it up, digest it and hit the ground running. The community is dynamic, so the playbook needs to be as well.

(Rebecca Braglio) #4

thanks so much for sharing! this is by far the best example I’ve seen out there - and a great template to build off of!

(JeffKRoss) #5

Thanks, Rebecca. I’m glad you find it helpful.