Help with Super users over using


(Annnmarie Goodspeed) #1

Looking for some insight on dealing with a super-user. Have had complaints from other members. This super user posts anywhere from 2-4x more than the next super user and ranks #1 in posts weekly. Complaints from other users is that the users posts too much, injects opinion on all subjects. Answers are often not direct and vague and lack fist had direct experience.

(Richard Millington) #2

Usually here I’d suggest speaking to 10 members and see what they think. Do they even mention the member without you prompting?

I suspect the obvious route here is to speak to the person directly (ideally on the phone or by voice) so you can convey how grateful you are for their incredible contributions in recent months and see if they might like to have their own column to share their opinions instead of contributing in the community all over the place.

The other option is to just kindly say how grateful you are and let them know how they are being perceived by other members. Always assume good intent and see how they respond there.

Typically, i wouldn’t worry too much about removing a top member of the community. S/he could easily be supressing posts from others.

(Robert McIntosh) #3

Do you gamify the top poster?

It could be encouraging poor behaviour like this. Consider not doing that, or create a new ‘previous winners are excluded’ rule at least

(Annnmarie Goodspeed) #4

Good advice, thank you

(Annnmarie Goodspeed) #5

Thank you for replying, we don’t gamify top posters. And agree if we did it could encourage the poor behaviour.