Help me I am a newbie CM. Is a publication platform like Medium a community?


(Matheus Galvão) #1

[First of Alll… Forgive my english lol]

I am a newbie Community manager. I work for a publication platform (on law issues, called Jusbrasil).

We have a clear vision: Promote Justice Access for brazilian people…

Our goal next OKR is creating a community. Today we have just an open platform used by lawyers and people who want to share information, sell products and find clients. Some of them are actives. Can I say we have a community already?

Do we need an explicit goal or mission and a properly [implemented] space/channel to call it a community (like this feverbee forum)? Is purpose enough to call it community?

(Robert McIntosh) #2

this might help (a bit)

(Nick Emmett) #3

I think the answer here lies in questions around how successful or how engaged you want your community to be. Imagine you lived in a town, in a certain neighbourhood of that town, and even on a street, where no one really engaged with each other. No one chatted. Perhaps the occasional “hey, good morning” - but no real conversations. It’s a community, for sure - but not a particularly effective or collaborative one.

Ask yourself WHY? Why does your community exist? It sounds to me like you have a community of people who are sharing content already - but why are they coming? Why are they sharing? Why do you want to have a community?

The answer to your goals question lies within answering all of these and more - you need a clear notion of what you actually want to achieve, otherwise how will you know if it’s working.

Who is your community? Who are the users? Be engaged with them, with that core group of adopters who are providing content now.

Keep us informed on your thinking and the answers to some of these questions - it’d be great to hear more about your journey.

Oh, and welcome to the community here, it’s great to hear from you :slight_smile:

(Richard Millington) #4

I wouldn’t get too caught up in the definition of community, I’d be more worried about what expectations and goals the people you work with have of you. Why do you want to call it a community? What does the term mean to you?

@thirstforwine I very much disagree with David’s’ definition on this one (as much as I respect him personally). It would mean everyone is a member of a gazillion different communities every day whether they knew it or not. I think community loses its special meaning when it gets too broad.

I think at the minimum we need a STRONG shared interest, but these definitions tend to fall under three categories anyhow:

(Robert McIntosh) #5

actually, I do too - but I had just read it and did encourage broader thinking than just where tools and interaction already exist.