Help me decide on a tag line for our community

(Kath Reuben) #1

Hi all - I am building a closed B2B Support Community for our customers/users. The community platform will enable members to: Search the Library for How To Guides; Raise & Review their own cases (support tickets); and (ultimately) engage with one and other and the business via discussion boards (likely focused around product functionality/features and Best Practice). I would like your feedback on a tag line: Knowledge/Collaboration/Experience
Knowledge/Collaboration/Engagement (we have another product Connected/Engaged/Productive - so didn’t want this to be confusing)


(Richard Millington) #2

I think we might struggle to give a good answer, but I have some questions that might help.

It would also help to know what sector/product the community is for.

Some questions:

  1. Do users know what the community is for and why it exists?
  2. Do users like the idea of the community concept at this point or do you need to persuade them?
  3. What is the primary reason members come to that community?
  4. Does the tagline appear to both registered and non-registered members?

The answers to that might help guide the answer a little. The goal of a tagline is to motivate participation. The best way to motivate participation is to align the tagline with something that motivates members. Knowledge/collaboration/support etc…might be good, but I suspect if you spoke to a few members they would probably know what most motivates them to participate.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Pulling together what Rich is saying and the options that you provide, I don’t think Knowledge/Collaboration/Engagement is ideal. Members don’t particularly care about engagement, only CMs do. Are your members joining up because they need support? If so, that’s probably your answer.

(Colleen Young) #4

I LOVE this

Members don’t particularly care about engagement, only CMs do.

It’s so true and those words get overused all the time.

(Richard Millington) #5

You could extend that a little further.

I’d argue members don’t care about knowledge or collaboration neither.

They care about finding information faster, building reputations, solving problems quicker etc…

(Sarah Hawk) #6

Definitely a fair argument in the case of a support community.

We’re actually working on the same challenge at the moment @Kath_Reuben
We want a tagline that encourages people to share their tips/ideas/questions/challenges/experiences but we can’t decide on the ideal combination of words that will encourage sharing without being intimidating.

(Richard Millington) #7

Just wanted to elaborate on that in a little more depth because it’s a challenge that comes up a lot actually.

One of the challenges we have here (and perhaps the downside of calling it FeverBee Experts - in hindsight I would’ve picked a different name) is a lot of people don’t feel they are an expert and thus don’t have anything to share or contribute. They like to read, but are hesitant to participate.

So the challenge that @hawk and myself (but mostly Hawk) is working on at the moment is how we encourage participation from those who don’t feel like experts. One way to do that is to make the community less about sharing expertise and more about sharing challenges and experiences.

A tag line that helps change perceptions could be a big part of that. Most people know the community exists, so the tag line would work at the belief level.

(Kath Reuben) #8

Thanks for your feedback thus far - its great to have a different perspective and to be challenged. To answer the questions you’ve posed and give you context @richard_millington…

We are a software company serving the hospitality & leisure industries, across global and SMEs. Our customers are bars/restaurants/hotels/leisure sector (not the most tech-progressive industry) and we provide a suite of software for operations and back of house. ie: HR/Payroll/Stock Control/Inventory/Menu Development/BI. Our users will be General Managers (mostly), Operations Directors (several), and HQ decision makers (few and far between but depends on size of the business).
We are relaunching a Support Community that doesn’t have a lot of support around it (in part bc the functionality & workflows that sit behind it are broken, but also bc we haven’t been promoting it- bc of these challenges and nobody on our side managing it).

  1. Do people know what and why? - those who actively use it do, yes. Others aren’t aware of it.
    The goal is to encourage users to access the Community for self-directed support & knowledge (how to guides and best practice), as well as receipt of product updates/release notes which are currently email blasted out.
  2. Proof of concept - is a struggle bc the current platform isn’t great and has turned people off and I don’t have a beta version yet to show them.
  3. Primary reason members currently come - to raise and review support tickets and share product ideas. Why we are hoping they’ll come - all product guides & product release notes will only be held here; ultimately email to support will be switched off so unless you have a direct dial number, you’ll only be able to raise support tickets through here; ideas exchange and engagement with the Product Management team will be hosted via groups/boards.

As I write this, I think that Support definitely does encompass how/what I want the community to be perceived as.
So perhaps its…Learning/Collaboration/Support or Learning/Supporting/Collaborating?

(Nick Emmett) #9

forgive me if I’ve got the wrong end of your stick here @Kath_Reuben, but I don’t really view a tag line in the same way as you seem to be suggesting in your post here. I guess for me what you suggest is just highlighting to people 3 things that they can get by being a part of your community. A tag line, for me, needs to be more of a (catch)phrase that helps to identify the value in your community.

Here’s a solid article from the brilliant Copyblogger site about creating your own. A great place to start is in thinking about what your Community’s mission is, what’s it’s purpose, what value are people getting etc.