Has anyone used Buddyboss.com for building an online community? If so, what has your experience been like?

Hello Community,

We are in the process of setting up a community for founders and have been looking at buddyboss.com for building the online community. It integrates well with a Wordpress site and allows us to form groups and offers integrations that we kind of like and will serve the community we are creating. It checks most of the boxes we have in mind

I wanted to know from the community about any experiences good or bad with this platform that we can learn from?

Link to the platform - https://www.buddyboss.com/

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First I’ve heard of it.

It does seem kind of interesting, like MightyNetworks or Tribes.

I suppose the integration with Wordpress is handy too.

Just took a look at mighty networks. Looks interesting too.

BuddyBoss, BBPress, and wpForo are a couple of the well known Wordpress forum plugins.

One of the nice benefits is that you can build off the WordPress platform, which is tremendous.

Thank you @joelr