Has anyone moved from Jive to Discourse?


(Kristen Gastaldo) #1

We’re doing platform evaluation, as we look to move off Jive-x. We’re considering Lithium and Higher Logic mostly, but I keep coming back to Discourse.

Our community is for our developers (customers, partners, open source edition users) and is mainly technical Q&A.

We do have blogs and documents in the space, but the vast majority are created by our staff, so we could put them elsewhere.

I’d love to hear from someone who has moved from one of these larger community platforms to discourse!

(Paul Mosca) #2

Hi Kristen,

We use Discourse. I’m interested in what you discover. We are looking for a way to add or improve the content experience. A system that allows for blogs would fit that.

I do like Discourse. FWIW.

(Mohsen Malayeri) #3

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(southpaw) #4

Hi @Kristen_Gastaldo,

We moved from Jive to Discourse a little more than a year ago. Do you have specific questions?

(Kristen Gastaldo) #5

Hey @southpaw - I’m mostly wondering - is there is functionality you really miss? How’s the reporting? Do you have any integrations (say with Marketo or Salesforce)? Do you have single sign on set up?

I’m looking at our Jive-x space, and it’s mostly technical Q&A. We do use it for EA programs and some events like our hackathon - but the vast majority is Q&A. We’ve got it divided by product, but people still post in the wrong area. I honestly just think we have just too many resources crammed into one space and attempted to be displayed in one place. I’m looking to simplify the forums - and Discourse seems to do that well. But the lack of shared docs or blogs is a concern for some folks at our company.

Appreciate any feedback!

(southpaw) #6

Hi @Kristen_Gastaldo,

To be brutally honest, there’s nothing we miss and a year in, we still high-five each other every time we speak of the transition.

Reporting has recently been revamped, (nod to @hawk, formerly of Feverbee and now at Discourse), is insightful, but most importantly, is not limited to a dashboard of preconceived metrics. With a data explorer plug-in and a little SQL knowledge, reporting can be whatever you want it to be. My biggest problem is knowing what I want it to be! (I’m eager to see what comes of @richard_millington’s request for feedback on an analytics course, which I see you’ve replied to.

We do not have integration with Marketo or Salesforce, but do have integrations with Slack, Wordpress and Inbenta, and are considering possible integrations with Zendesk. If the integrations you need do not already exist (I’ve never looked into those) figure out exactly what you need them to do and ask Discourse what it would take to build them. I’ve been impressed (ok, to be honest, I’ll have to use the word floored) by the team’s responsiveness to any sort of feature request or integration need. They think through the request very carefully (security concerns, alternate solutions, cost to develop, broader applications) and will, when it’s the best solution, contract with you to build what you need, all very quickly.

On the same topic of being floored by the Discourse team’s responsiveness, bug reports and smaller feature requests receive replies within moments (at all hours) and it is not unusual for them to be resolved the same business day, or even within the hour. I don’t want to turn this into a Jive-bashing reply, but there were serious bugs we reported to Jive that never did get addressed. :disappointed:

We do use single sign on, and have had no issues there.

People posting in the wrong area - in DIscourse your top users earn light moderation rights, one of which is moving topics to the correct area. Discourse also allows admins to not only split topics (“branching” in Jive’s lingo) but also to merge topics, which helps you keep conversations focused in a single place.

I’m not sure if this would solve your need for shared documents, but Discourse does allow the option to wikify the top post in a topic, and it has a “Shared draft” option that allows collaboration prior to publication. Every topic also has the option for staff to “whisper,” or post a reply that is visible only to other staff.

You might consider asking the same question in Discourse’s Community. Since nearly everyone participating there is already on Discourse, it seems your odds of finding others who have moved from Jive to Discourse might be better there. There’s one such conversation already, but it’s quite dated.

Please let me know if there’s more you’d like to discuss.

(southpaw) #7


I thought of something else - the Spam controls in Discourse are outstanding. We were often hit with overnight attacks of Arabic or Korean Spam posts in Jive - hundreds of posts a night. None of that gets through in Discourse, but there’s also no evidence that legitimate posts are being blocked.

(outofthebox) #8

I am using Discourse for our external community and am very impressed. It is an awesome tool and the Discourse team constantly innovates to make it better. Then, there’s the open source community around it with plugins, themes, etc. The Discourse staff are nice and very helpful.

(Sarah Hawk) #9

Aw shucks. Thanks. :slight_smile:

(Kristen Gastaldo) #10

This is such good news; our pre-Jive forums really suffered from spam attacks like that. I don’t have actual spam posts getting through, the majority of the time. But I have a ton of spam accounts being created.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #11

Oh this. So many bugs, just hanging out in my cases.


So, this I didn’t realize. I’ll check it out. Thank you!