Has anyone else had issues with @mentions in communities built with Napili in Community Cloud?

(Gina Tyree) #1

We are currently troubleshooting an issue with @mentions in our community, built in the Napili template in Salesforce’s Community Cloud. Basically, some people can be @mentioned but others cannot. This seems to be a permission and/or security issue in Salesforce.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has ever had this issue and if so, what you’ve done to solve the problem

Thank you!!

(Sarah Hawk) #2

@Nick_Emmett is on the Napili template.

I’ll tag in all the Salesforcer’s we have on board and see if anyone can help you out
@cocastro @shanel @Paparaschi @mpickering @naiannlee @Niall_Murphy

(Arasch Fatemi) #3


Not really, but can you give more detail on what’s happening? Are users not
visible, or is the function not available at all, is there an error?

Thank you,


(Leo Daley) #4

None that I’ve noticed in our test environment. I’ll let you know after October 3rd!

(Nick Emmett) #5

Thanks @HAWK - @Gina_Tyree - I’m only in sandbox at the minute but haven’t noticed anything odd - what’s the issue you’re having? Is there a difference in the people that can and can’t be mentioned? (i.e. internal/external, profile, permissions etc)
Have you asked on the Salesforce Community or logged it with the support team?

(Gina Tyree) #6

Thanks all! I did end up asking this question on SF’s community, as well, and found the solution. Just needed to check the Share Settings on the User object. :slight_smile: