Harrasment Policies to protect Community Managers

(Jeffrey Otterspoor) #1

“Community management can be one of the most demanding but also compelling jobs in the game industry. It’s a position that puts company employees right in front of fans, and helps them navigate the interesting intersection of game design decisions and player feedback. It’s a job where friendships can be made and communities can be formed—and sadly, where people’s physical and mental health can be put on the line.”

As I’m working in the Gaming Industry the item below is very relevant. Short interesting read in how hard it can be in this industry for a Community Manager.

Read: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/281982/Community_managers_war_stories_show_need_for_better_harassment_policies_.php

Experience tells me that even though harrasment might often not seem to unfold into real physical threats, the impact that it has on people is undeniable. Some take it better than others, but it’s something to always keep on eye on if you run a team of Community, Support or Social Media Managers. If you are working in a team yourself it’s ALWAYS good to talk about online abuse with your direct chef. If this is a topic that is being put aside, you should talk with HR and show them the item of Gamasutra. Community Management is not easy, it’s demanding and if not taken care of properly you or your team might become at risk.

Just felt the need to share this with you guys. Maybe stir up a discussion or let’s share some procedures or protocols how this is being dealt with within your company.


(Travis King) #2

My heart goes out to anyone in the gaming community business. It been one of the most passionate and sometimes toxic environments I’ve ever worked in.

(Shreyas) #3

I so agree with this! While passion is great for a community, gamers are probably the most passionate set of people ever. Sometimes organizations take tough decisions or calls and the community managers are at the receiving end of things!

(Mark Baldwin) #4

I’ve worked in the games industry for nearly 20 years now and I agree with all the comments so far. Gamers can give us some amazing evangelists and when something goes down well with the community, it’s a great place to work. However, I have found that traditional forums can be terrible places for games communities as it can become a breeding ground of hatred and downright terrible human behaviour. Never have I come across a group of people who feel so entitled. I never want to be in a position where I am on Steam forums ever again.

I have a lot of respect for other games community managers, keep up the good work. :slight_smile: