Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day

(Shreyas) #1

Hey everyone!
In case you didn’t know, today is Community Manager Appreciation Day! So here’s to each one of us in here.:beers:
Check out the webathon below if you’d like to participate virtually. You can ask questions on #cmad on twitter.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I’m not participating in the webathon for the first time in years. Is anyone here taking part?

(Frank Field) #3

I don’t wanna throw a wet blanket on the party, but I kinda don’t “get” CMAD. I mean I “get” it, but I don’t really get what’s being asked of me. My community members are great and I hear all the time how much they like me (even though what they really like is the community). I’m glad. But the whole webathon… I dunno, maybe I’m just not plugged into the crowd where the cool kids hang out or something, but it feels weird to “celebrate” something that nobody at my company knows anything about. I tweeted a note to my followers, but I don’t think many got it or cared. It’s just… I dunno, I feel weird patting myself on the back, maybe and I don’t really understand the point of it. The stories being sent out about it via email don’t resonate with me. There’s a lot of jargon and marketing speak that I just don’t feel like clicking and reading.
I fully admit it could be that I’m simply uninformed and too much of a noob in this industry to “get it.” I would love some enlightening because, dude, I could USE a reason to party!

(Sarah Hawk) #4

You’re not. Some people love it, some feel the same way as you.
I’ve taken part in CMAD webinars and the awards ceremony in the past and they were lots of fun, but I 100% get your point about it being weird to tell others about/self-congratulate.

Until I worked in a community community, I didn’t talk about it with my colleagues either.

(Richard Millington) #5

No @ffield, you’re not missing anything.

I don’t participate for most of the reasons you list here (and a few others).

(Frank Field) #6

So, is it the messaging? What is the goal anyway? I think if that were more clear, I’d be less ambivalent about it.

(Richard Millington) #7

@ffield I don’t really want my views to detract from how others view the day. A lot of people seem to enjoy it. Let’s leave them be :slight_smile: