Guardian's data analysis of commenters

(rhogroupee) #1

I thought this article from The Guardian was fascinating in the way they presented the data, the conclusions they draw, and the fact that they are trying to keep comments open despite the obvious issues.

Particularly loved the “play the moderator” game at the bottom of the page. Very cool way to get some interaction for the article.

For me, the headline was that only 2% of comments needed to be blocked!

What did you learn this week?
(Sarah Hawk) #2

Wow, what a stunningly presented article. It’s compelling to read regardless of the content!

But this is sad:

Although the majority of our regular opinion writers are white men, we found that those who experienced the highest levels of abuse and dismissive trolling were not. The 10 regular writers who got the most abuse were eight women (four white and four non-white) and two black men. Two of the women and one of the men were gay. And of the eight women in the “top 10”, one was Muslim and one Jewish.

That aside, there are so many interesting takeaways in that article. Thanks for the link @rhogroupee.

(Nick Donoghue) #3

thanks. that’s a really interesting read.