Growing your team + Developing a staffing model


(Laurenfaye512) #1

Hey Feverbee friends,

Background: I manage two external support communities for my company with a small team of moderators.

I’m looking to build a business case for adding another community staff member to manage the growing interactions in our community. Engagement (questions and comments) is on the rise, my current moderator has a LOT on her plate, and our community programs are growing in complexity (blogs, ama’s, webinars, etc).

I’ve got two questions for you:

  1. what advice do you have for making the case to hire more?
  2. does your team have a staffing model that dictates hiring needs? For example, for every average increase of 1000 questions/comments over time, add an additional moderator.

(Emma Furtado) #2

Hi @laurenfaye512
I would work on a case for the programs you need to build to help your community efforts scale to support more growth. It will be hard to justify headcount needs based on engagement and activity. Management will likely believe your team is doing great handling high volume already.

(Laurenfaye512) #3

Hey Emma! Thanks for your advice.

Program justification is definitely a good route to go and I can easily make the case for the programs we are adding in order to scale growth and engagement.

I know my boss will want more than that though. I sit within the Customer Support org, so my SVP is very used to things running like a call center – where you can easily create a staffing model based on support volume. I know he’d respond really well to a formula.

Again, you are totally right. We are in the current trap of “you’re doing great!” When we are actually overloaded and could have a much better SLA if we had more resources.