Group Promotion

I’m helping a fellow community manager overhaul his group promotion.

As a quick background:
It’s a small social community that’s been neglected, so the community lifecycle is still very new in the Initial Stage.

His goal is to increase more engagment such as more topics and posts.

His current notification literally says this: “Congratulations! You’ve become a SuperUser.”

I’m helping him redraft the notification to something more meaningful. In particular, I know it’s important to highlight the qualifications, the scarcity, benefits of the new promotion, and the challenges / stretch to the next goal. I also suggested that he change the the title’s language to something that’s unique and fun to his own community.

This is what I’ve currently drafted with him:
"Congratulations on your promotion to a ####. This promotion is based on hitting X posts, which something that only %% of users ever achieve. Wow!

As part of your new title as ####, you’ll be able to benefit 1, benefit 2, and benefit 3 for even more increased ways to talk, contribute, and engage in the community. You’re seen as a trusted member of the community, so keep up the great work with your posting.

But that’s not all! If you’re able to post XXX times, you’ll be able to hit the next title of ####!"

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This is really helpful! Thank you for the suggestion.

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You’re welcome!

It’s really ironic that since I posted this quick tip, I’ve actually come across two examples of a “congratulations” message on two different sites.

First site: “Congratulations Joel R, you’ve been promoted to a superuser.”

Uhh … Wut? I didn’t even know what I did to earn superuser status and I wasn’t even very active in that communities to begin with.

Second site: didn’t even notify me! They just gave me a changed color username and a badge as if I was supposed to figure it out myself LOL.

I just promoted someone last night to a “Champion”, which is the highest honor in my community for extraordinary and heroic contributions (get it?? :grin:). I made sure to explain the qualifications needed to earn the title, how many other members have earned it, and the benefits of the new promotion. I really wanted to provide value and meaning behind the highest honor of the most exceptional Superusers, and I also started a private message where I’m working one on one with him to help further enhance his grasp of the site. Its a lot of work, and certainly more work than an automated message, but he’s also my next superuser so … It’s probably worth it. He is heroic after all!

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