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(Sarah Hawk) #38

I have no idea what is going on here! I’ll DM you a link directly to the file in the mean time. Sorry for mucking you around.

(Ann-Marie Pistikakis) #39

Hi everyone, so I am trying to watch - Outreach to Founding Members (6:14) - Starting Your Community, Activity 64 of 81 but I get half way through and I can’t watch anymore. It could just be my computer but wanted to ask if anyone else had issues at this point?

(Sarah Hawk) #40

I’ve just watched it right through, so it is device specific, but that doesn’t help you! Can you give me the details of your computer, OS and browser?

Also, can you try another browser and see if that works?

Sorry for the hassle!

(Ann-Marie Pistikakis) #41

I am 120% sure its our internet at work, so no problem :slight_smile:

(drbenjohnson) #42

The video below isn’t working in How to Grow an Online Community:
Thanks! Ben

(Sarah Hawk) #43

Sorry about that – give it a go now. It should be ok again.

On the off chance that it’s not – here is the direct link

(drbenjohnson) #44

Hi Sarah, it’s still not working for me and the vimeo link says I can’t
access it because of privacy settings.

(drbenjohnson) #45

FeverBee Podcast 22 : Amanda Swan isn’t
working for me either!

(Sarah Hawk) #46

Hmmm, are you not seeing it render straight into the browser like this:

It’s working for me incognito, so should be ok for you. If not, try another browser and let me know what you’re seeing.

Sorry for the hassle.

That podcast is fixed now too – we migrated our entire site to a new server last weekend and I didn’t have the links redirecting properly. It’s all sorted now.

(drbenjohnson) #47

Hi Sarah,
It’s not working for me in either google chrome or firefox, screenshot
showing both attached. It’s just a blank screen where the render should be.

(drbenjohnson) #48

doesn’t seem to be working for me either :frowning:

(Sarah Hawk) #49

This is very strange.

How about the direct link in the post above? Does it work there?

And second question, are there other videos that DO work, or are they all broken for you?

Lastly: all podcasts should now be fixed again.

(drbenjohnson) #50

The direct link works! Most of the videos work, it’s just the ones that I
have told you about that don’t.

(Sarah Hawk) #51

I’m stumped. The settings for that one all seem to be exactly the same as the others.
I’ll log a ticket with Schoolkeep, but in the mean time, I’m glad the direct link works.

(Ouattara Sitafa) #52

Ouattara Sitafa
Module ‘How To Start An Online Community’

What other traits do you consider to be measures of success?

Hello All,

Some of the key traits a part from those already mentioned are:

Visibility measurement: that is to say the traffic (number of users of the site):

The measurement of the entire traffic generated by the site. Traffic coming from both search engines and social networks and the measurement of traffic increase over adefined period.

Assess the relevance of a site:

Here it is to measure if the site achieves the community goal. The community’s popularity based on social

But for most commercial sites, sales measurement (ROI, Sales) remain the best indicator.


(Josh Wolf) #53

I’m in the Long-Term Community Strategy section of the Advanced Community Strategy Course. The question is:

How much of your time are you actually spending on activities related to community management? What other non-community tasks are taking up your time?

For 18 months my role has focused on supporting local community groups, and many projects from that focus continue to occupy my time. Many of them will contribute to an online community, such as engaging with individual community members and hosting regular conference calls, but I would say only about 20% of my time is dedicated to online community development. We haven’t launched the community, though, so community members aren’t being neglected. Yet.

(Lacey Horta) #54

Course: Online Community Management
Module: How to grow an online community
Community I moderate:

We currently rely on referrals from other CCS (Canadian Cancer Society) programs and we promote our online community when doing monthly webcasts. We also have a lot of members that find us through search. We are starting to promote the community through our CCS social media accounts by linking to trending topics. We plan on creating a twitter account for cancerconnection specifically so we can tweet our own popular threads and create our own following there, and then CCS can re tweet our tweets.We need to do some reorganizing and work at making the site more user friendly before we would consider taking next steps in growing the community.

(Sarah Hawk) #55

I’m currently keeping a spreadsheet of exactly how I spend my time and it’s really fascinating. Until now I would have said that I spend it quite differently to the reality.

I’d recommend trying it once the community launches – it’s helping me to allocate time for the things that are really important.

(Sarah Hawk) #56

Great! Do you have a UX designer in your organisation?

(Josh Wolf) #57

I’ve seen that recommendation in the course work and blog posts - good to know you practice what you preach!

For 9 months I had two distinct roles in the organization and had to track my activities broadly in those categories, which was illuminating. I imagine a more granular approach would be quite revealing. What were some of the things that stood out for you?