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(Sarah Hawk) #1

Welcome to the group discussion. When you comment, please be sure to note which course module you’re taking and the lesson you happen to be on.

(Bo McGuffee) #2

I’m on Course #2: Content Creation Tools (#54)

There is supposed to be a list of tools in the “recommended resources section”. (Start at 2:21 to hear the statement.) Where is that?

(Sarah Hawk) #3

I think this is the list that you mean:



(Bo McGuffee) #4

Thank you, @HAWK.

(Bo McGuffee) #5

I’ve started Course #3. I especially appreciate how you have placed the Feverbee in the context of other models. Fwiw, I’m becoming more a fan everyday.

Another question. On Course #3, the video in Lesson 6 is giving the “Oops!” error.

Update: The following videos are doing the same thing.

(Miriam Swords Kalk) #6

I’m having the same problem! I hope it gets resolved soon - I really want to watch this video today :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #7

Sorry all, you got me overnight. Looking now.

Any luck now @irreverance @udacimiriam ?

(Bo McGuffee) #8

No worries. It works now. Thank you!

(Sarah Hawk) #9

Yay. So that we can troubleshoot the issue further, can you let me know what OS and browser you’re using? Thanks.

(Bo McGuffee) #10

Windows 7 and Chrome.

(Bo McGuffee) #11

On #20 (Course 3) there is a link on the slide that is not clickable. I recommend placing it in the description above the video.

(Sarah Hawk) #12

Great call, thanks. Done.

(Ed Fry) #13

Following the Community Progress Metrics video, does anyone have any insight on what this is? (slaps ruler on knuckles for unlabelled axis!)

Apparently it’s “an indication of a big problem” :open_mouth:

(Richard Millington) #14

Don’t think that’s a problem.

Think I removed the axis years ago because it revealed the name of a client.

It’s the % of activity and growth which is organic vs. that stimulated by the community manager. i.e. what % of discussions are initiated by members? what % of newcomers arrive without a direct invitation / appeal by the community manager?

Kudos on working through the videos!

(Ed Fry) #15

Ah okay, so this ties to the community management model with growth and activity gradually being taken over by the community. Makes sense.

RE: unmarked axis, any teacher / scientist would frown and tut upon that! Could still be marked generically :slight_smile:

(Kelly Harris) #16

Hi there! I’m taking the first course and am on section 6:14 re: founding members for your new community. One of the videos discussed the fine line between reaching out to thought leaders in the industry, but people that aren’t already too swamped or busy to contribute. Are there any rules or guidelines on how to identify industry thought leaders to join your community, attend your webinar, contribute content, etc. that are still recognizable but not so big of a name that they are impossible to get a hold of?

(Bo McGuffee) #17

Hey @kharris, that’s a great question. If I were in that boat, I would probably go blog hunting. Find people who write about the topic, converse with them on their blog, and get a feel for if this is the kind of person you are looking for. I imagine it would be time consuming. But I bet you could meet really great people this way.

If by chance you do think they would be interested, then shoot them a personal invite. If they decline, then I would ask if they happen to know anyone who might be. That way you can say, “So-and-so recommended I contact you…” to the people on that list.

Does that help?

If others have a better approach, I would love to hear it.

(Sarah Hawk) #18

Twitter is good for this (the finding, not necessarily the relationship building.)

I love your idea of asking them to recommend others, @irreverance

(Kelly Harris) #19

Hi @irreverance! Thanks so much for the insight. I love the blog idea especially in terms of being able to get a really good feel for where their expertise lies, as well as a platform for relationship-building. I hadn’t thought of that, and was mostly thinking LinkedIn. Have you tried this/had success using any particular blog site for your outreach, or just any in general that are industry-related?

(Bo McGuffee) #20

I’m in a larger, more established community, so I don’t engage in that way personally. I was only offering what I thought might be a good idea. If you decide to pursue it, I would like to hear how it works out.