Great examples of community CTA banners or buttons

(Sarah Hawk) #1

I’m looking for great examples of homepage banners or calls to action directing people to join or engage in a community.

Does your community advertise itself on your homepage outside of a nav bar item?

(lindsaymstarke) #2

Hiya Hawk!

I’ve always loved Rich’s joke (paraphrasing here) that “nobody wakes up in the morning thinking ‘I’m SO EXCITED to engage and connect with my peers!’” so I really like community content as CTA. One of the orgs I work with has seamlessly worked a widget into their homepage design that updates in real time with community discussions. I love it so so much.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Haha, hearing you and I love that example. We do something similar with latest community content on the homepage, although Missouri Realtors do it in a more intuitive way, which is something I need to consider.

In this context though, I’m specifically thinking about banner style CTAs because they need to be ephemeral rather than permanent (the banner will be switched out when there are other things to advertise).