Good HR communities?

(Darren Gough) #1

Hi everyone,

We’ve been approached to do some work on an HR community idea. It’s not a sector I have too much experience in so wondering if people have any examples of communities where people go for HR support and engagement?

(Steve Bridger) #2

(I’ve already sent some thoughts off to @Darren_Gough)

(Darren Gough) #3

Cheers @stevebridger

(Alex Bowen) #4

Check out CultureAmp!

(Sarah Hawk) #5

@davesumnersmith is chairman at Metzano, who run Linked:HR
He’ll likely have something to add to this conversation.

(Dave Sumner Smith) #6

Hi Darren - and apologies for the delayed response. Linked:HR is the biggest HR group (by far) and fourth biggest out of 2.2 million LinkedIn groups with 977k members. We also run about 20 others for specialist areas within the profession. If you would like any help, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Dave

(lindsaymstarke) #7

Hi Darren,

I know the community manager for the Society for Human Resource Management, which is a membership organization for HR professionals. Their community, SHRM Connect, is quite successful:

I’d be happy to introduce you to her if you’re interested–just drop me a line!

(Nick Emmett) #8

@Mike_Collins organisation work closely with the CIPD which would may be worth looking into.

(Mike Collins) #9

Thanks for the shout out Nick.

Our Community site supports HR and L&D qualification programmes but is free to join and a great source of HR content for anyone interested in HR and professional development. The site is below if you want to take a look


(Darren Gough) #10

Thanks everyone for your replies. We’re still in early stages for discussion but these are great examples and could prove very useful.