Good example of a superuser onboarding guide?


(Richard Millington) #1

Hey everyone,

Does anyone out there have a good example of a superuser onboarding guide?

I’m trying to hunt a few to compare, but (naturally), they’re not public. Let me know here or privately if you know of any that are public.

(Jeremy Meiss (jerdog)) #2

We have one we’re working on for our “Experts” program but nothing really firmed up other than what we’re thinking it will become.

(Nick Sandberg) #3

As we develop our power-users in our community, we also would appreciate a little info on the best means to onboard these vital individuals. We want our power-users to help absorb some of our moderator duties in his/her specific scope of expertise as well as lead meaningful discussions. Any ideas?

(Jeremy Meiss (jerdog)) #4

I would suggest that you onboard through a video call of some sort and build that connection, and have a list of responsibilities and how you’re going to support those. This probably begs a bigger time commitment, but I would also have at least monthly calls to continue to make sure you’re supporting them and meeting their needs.

(Nick Sandberg) #5

That’s an interesting thought. I have never even considered doing an onboarding video call. It’s time consuming but it’s a very personal touch! I imagine the incentive to engage is much stronger when the members feel supported in such a personal way. I think our Success Coach and I could brainstorm a way to streamline that process.

Have you tried this? If so, has it been successful?

Thanks so much for the tip!

(István Ujvári) #6

Hello everyone, Richard, what do you mean by SU onboarding guide? It should describe the story for the superusers or for the community managers?

(Jeremy Meiss (jerdog)) #7

I’ve done it in different companies, but not currently this one - but it will be what we do when we roll out our program. One thing to make it not consume as much time would be to do the onboarding video calls monthly with all new members of the SU program, regardless of when they join. This way you don’t overload yourself, and you make those video calls more collaborative and such.

(Nick Sandberg) #8

Good idea. I like the monthly call concept. About how many superusers would you say is an ideal number for a community? When does it become too much? Would you say there is a “Goldilocks” number?

(Jeremy Meiss (jerdog)) #9

Personally I wouldn’t start with more than 5-10, but that’s probably going to depend on how many staff you have to support them. Whenever starting new initiatives it’s my opinion you always start with small numbers as a control group and then tweak and move forward.

(Nick Sandberg) #10

Not many staff at all! It would just be my Success Coach and myself. We have a moderator who can jump in from time to time, but ultimately it would boil down to little more than a few admins. I was thinking about assigning the SU status to a few industry leaders in niche businesses that support the cannabis industry (our community industry focus). I like the idea of rolling it out with a limited number of SU’s to initiate the program.

In your experience, have you found the SU’s require much ongoing moderation after setting them loose on a community? I don’t want to send forth an army of trolls with some level (however limited) of admin power! Speaking of that, do you typically allow any level of admin access? Do they jump a TL?

(Jeremy Meiss (jerdog)) #11

So that’s interesting - in my opinion they shouldn’t have more than a heightened level - in Discourse I would say like a TL4 - and definitely not staff and most certainly not Admin. I would think in your selection process you wouldn’t have trolls =).

All of this is just my experience and opinion - we’re still working on our program for my current company.

(Joel Rangelle) #12

I’m curious as to why the OP would be looking for a superuser onboarding, when to me, a superuser is just a more engaged user.

Following the typical path of the community commitment curve, I think you would first introduce a user to the basics of posting (like what the @discoFEVERbot does in the PM - by the way, that’s an awesome little piece of gamification UIX going on there). Then once they’ve demonstrated their capacity and willingness to stay engaged over time, you can start dripping out more advanced features.

But I’m not sure about the merits of a superuser guide from the very beginning? What do you think?

(discoFEVERbot) #13

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