Going from Community Moderator to Community Manager


(Mohamed Mohammed) #1

Hi, there!

My name is Mohamed and I’m a community moderator with a social media platform called Campus Society. It’s designed as a space for university students - incoming freshmen and those that are on their way out + plus everything in between. I have been working as a community moderator there for about 10 months now, helping to moderate the content, help to onboard users, and general user/ community support.

I have been getting more and more fascinated with the work of a community manager. I work with a team that includes community managers, a head of community, a support lead, and of course, other mods. As a result, the work of managing a community in and of itself has interested me. I am a university student myself and have one year left. I’m wondering about making the jump from moderation to management and what that sort of thing would take?

Of course, I will also be asking my coworkers about this - they’re really lovely and supportive. I also thought I’d post on here since I’ll be coming back to Feverbee regularly anyhow.

Thanks in advance for any help/ insight you can provide!


(Travis King) #2

Sounds like you’re on the right path with asking your coworkers and continuing to expand your knowledge about community management. Make sure you spend time learning about tracking and showing ROI. It’s one of the most difficult things to do with community management so knowing about it will definitely give you a leg up.

Making the jump from moderation to a community team is also very possible. We’ve hired on several past Mods :smiley:

(Mohamed Mohammed) #3

Much appreciated, Travis :slight_smile: I’m really looking forward to the next few months of just catching up with concepts such as the one you’ve mentioned. From what I’m reading, showing ROI is definitely a struggle lol.

I have to admit that the concept of community growth and development came across as a bit intimidating at first - and still does to a lesser extent. But, I figure the more I learn, the less intimidating it will all seem!

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Hey Mohamed,
I agree with Travis – mod to CM is a solid approach. It’s how I first got into CM. It means you should already have good inside knowledge of the culture and processes of the community which leaves you space to concentrate on more strategic thinking.

I’d pick a small project (designing a superuser program?) and give that a go. It sounds like your team are the kind of people that will offer guidance and constructive feedback.

(Mohamed Mohammed) #5

Hi, Sarah. Thanks so much for your response. I was actually thinking along that same line (working on more strategic approaches having been a mod for a little while) and I’ve got some idea to present to the team in the coming weeks. And yes, they’re a lovely group and that’s a big part of why I feel so encouraged to try the transition to community management in the first place.

If you don’t mind me asking Sarah, what made you want to go from moderation to management?

Thanks again for the lovely response, ya’ll!

(Sarah Hawk) #6

I was a volunteer mod in a tech community that I was a member of ~15 years ago. I stopped writing software to have kids and that community asked me if I wanted to step in as a remote part-time CM and that suited me since my kids were babies and I was stuck at home.

Turned out I loved it so I stuck around for a while. It launched my (second) career.

(Mohamed Mohammed) #7

Ah I see. That’s pretty awesome! Funny enough, a superuser program is what I’m trying to put together at the moment. I’ve got a grip on an idea I want to present and think I know exactly who to present it to. Luckily, I’ve also got the majority of the next few months free to focus on this project.

With any more luck, I’ll be able to implement it and work up from there. Fingers crossed!

Thanks again for the input!