Give Feedback On FeverBee's Super Secret Project (¬_¬)

Hey everyone,

We’re working on a project which isn’t quite at the stage for a public beta yet.

However, we really need a couple of people working for brand communities who can go through a process and give us feedback.

If you’re interested, respond here and I’ll invite you into a private group to share it. It will take about 10 to 15 minutes of your time.


Ha, still need 2 more people for this. Drop me a message if you’re interested.

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Replied to your DM :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone who replied to this!

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Are you guys still looking for people to work on this secret project feedback?

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Hey, yes, can you drop me an email:

Yes please!

Is the Super Secret Project still a secret? If so, can I get in on the inside of the secret? Let me know if there’s a password!

If it’s not too late, I’m keen to give it a go.

Let me drop you a line in a week or two when we’re ready to go live with this.

I’m also interested in participating if it’s not too late. I can ask a few friends who are work for brand communities as well.