Getting started with a new Discourse community!

After much hoo’ing and ha’ing, I am finally getting round to building my new community. I’m doing my best to resist my urges and stick to the Feverbee manual, of quiet, small and simple! :slight_smile:

I’ve got as far as getting my community created (am using a hosted service from Communiteq). All very simple and straightforward so far, but I wonder how much tweaking people did with their Discourse sites before launching?

Questions I am mulling over are things like:

  1. Do I delete the automatically created Welcome post (which used text I entered on setup, but didn’t realise its purpose!) and add something new?
  2. What do people do with ‘the lounge’? Rename it, or get rid altogether? My gut tells me to remove it.
  3. Do you keep the uncategorised option, rename it, or not have it at all?
  4. Quite a few of the posts created by the system are associated with a ‘system’ user with the site logo as its avatar - it feels a bit impersonal to me, and am tempted to rewrite them with my own account. Do people have thoughts on that?
  5. How much effort should I put into rewriting the FAQ, ToS, Privacy and About sections at this early stage? I feel I ought to get rid of as much generic content as I can - but at the same time I am very lazy!

It’d be great to get folks’ views on these things, and any other tips for getting started!

1- I use it to welcome people, generally I disable the bot.
2. You don’t use it that’s it.
3. it’s useful when people don’t know how to categorize topic, if people use it too much it’s an alert
4. you can substitute it with your name/avatar
5. Uhm you can leave them untouched

Hoe it helps