Getting Started areas in your Community

(Nick Emmett) #1

Do you guys have a Getting started area in your Community for new members?
What sort of content do you have there? How do you direct people there?
Do people actually use them?

I’m considering one for our Community but wondered how others use them in their own communities.

(Courtney Howell) #2

I’m doing the exact same thing! The project has been put on the back burner until after our annual conference in June, but the first thing we did was send out a short survey to everyone asking for some general feedback on the community as a whole. About 125 people completed it. At the end of the survey, I asked that anyone interested in helping us further to share their name and email address.

Then I came up with a survey for those users (40) that specifically focused on their experience of joining the community and on what they thought would be helpful for new members. About 30 people completed that survey, and they gave us really valuable information.

Once our conference is over, I’m going to go back through their responses and start developing the Getting Started materials. I’m thinking it’s going to be some sort of video series b/c pretty much everyone responded that they like watching online videos when they want to learn something. It’s a great feeling to have member feedback b/c now I feel more confident in the direction we should go. And hopefully the people who participated will feel a bit of pride and ownership once we get everything out there.

Maybe this will help you? Or give you an option of where you could start?

(Lucas Miller) #3

I’m exploring a similar idea with our community, however, my approach has been slightly different. Rather than create “getting started” content to set our users on a specific or pre-defined path, we are waiting and collecting data of our users to then provide some content later.

Much of the focus of our seed content is centered around helping the user how to use the product. I’m working with the product development and UX team to develop some metrics to watch and outline some goals we what users to accomplish.

My hope is that by better understand our users needs both in the product and in the community, we can craft content around specific use cases for our product.

@courtney_howell - I love your video series idea! I’m encouraging our help content writers think about our content in much that same fashion. How ware you going to create this video content? Do you have internal resources or are you planning to outsource it?

(Sarah Hawk) #4

I was wondering the same thing a while back.

We’re designing a homepage here to try and help funnel people into the most appropriate area depending on their needs.

When I did those community breakdowns last year I noticed that in a lot of cases I felt a bit lost and floating – there was nowhere obvious for me to connect.

I’ve tried to tackle that here with a pinned banner but I still think we can do better.

I also love the idea of getting feedback from members, but you guys are a tough crowd. :wink:

(Courtney Howell) #5

We will create it in-house. We have a dedicated videographer and design team. That’s part of the reason why it’s being pushed back for a couple months… we are full steam ahead for our annual conference in June. That takes precedence, but I love your idea of gathering intel on newbies. I should totally do that.

What kind of behaviors are you tracking and what are your goals with new members?

(Lucas Miller) #6

We are planning to track a wide swath of metrics, but the ones we are focusing on for content relate to the questions they are asking within the community as well as the cases they submit to our service teams. My idea is that we create an “editorial board” of sorts that will sort through the topics monthly and generate content that way.

(Courtney Howell) #7

That’s a really cool idea! Please keep me updated how it goes. I’d love to hear stories and metrics on how your community members are responding to the content (once it’s all up and running of course).