Getting a commitment from stakeholders

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(Sarah Hawk) #2

This is interesting. Did they have a cohesive vision in the first place which has broken down over time, or did it never exist in the first place?

When we work with clients on concept or strategy pieces, stakeholder buy in is a bit part of the project. We speak to them all individually to ensure that they do share (or at the very least, understand) the common vision and the time it will take to achieve it. We then try to follow up with a group presentation, which gives people the opportunity to gauge the overall tone of the group.

Would it be feasible to back up the bus a bit and try to regroup by doing something like this with your stakeholders?

(ellen lenihan flaherty) #3

I didn’t realize it at the time, but have learned it never existed. And it continues to change… I was only initially brought on to do the training, after they had conceived of the vision for the community. At that time I didn’t think I’d be continuing on. At this point, we’ve created several presentations but they are funneled through some stakeholders (and a lot of layers) who then pass it on to the others. It’s a bit of a shambles and I so hope they get a cohesive vision (which we’ve been recommending since the get go) as it could be a great community. So now when I come to here I use the information to back up my suggestions, data and research in hopes…

I love how you work with clients on the initial strategy, and agree that’s how it should be done! I wish I had had that opportunity but alas I didn’t…so I’m left to keep nudging them forward but I don’t think I’d be able to get with all stakeholders to do as you suggest…

Which makes me think - in this landscape, where I believe in the potential of the community, and without communicating to key community members what is going on behind the scenes, I would love ideas for how to keep them motivated/interested…especially in the evolution stages where things can be slow…